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There are countless activities you can organise or take part in to raise funds for the Equine Grass Sickness Fund. No contribution is too small and we are hugely grateful for all efforts. Everything adds up and together, as a team, we can make a huge difference to continued research.

If you would like to contribute but aren’t sure what you could do to raise funds, see below for some examples of potential ideas.  We have also had some wacky ideas in the past which have been hugely successful so the list is only ideas - If you have an idea but you aren't sure if it will work, please get in touch and we can see if we can help.


Fundraising Ideas

Sponsored run
Sponsored walk - (Fancy dress? 3 Legged?)

Sponsored swim

Sponsored ride

Sponsored weight loss
Sponsored dog meet & greet/walk
Second hand tack sale
Car boot sale
Cake and coffee mornings
Wine and cheese night in or Barbecue
Bake sale
Theme disco nights
Quiz nights

Bingo night
Bag packing in supermarkets

 Auction yourself off to the highest bidder for a day's (or 1/2 day) labour.

Organise a pet show/dog show

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