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Ross EGS FUNdraising, having fun whilst raising funds and awareness

Fundraising News


Dinner Dance

This year we decided to do an online auction in advance of the evening to allow more people to have the opportunity to purchase some of the goods available but also to try and maximise the amount of money made from the event.  Our 2017 dinner dance made approx. £1500 for the fund so I had set myself the target of taking in double that.  Merv & Carina from “coos & shoes” were both busy crafting away making lots of items to add to the auction and I had gathered up some good prizes throughout the year that I had kept for the raffle/auction on the night. 

Then on the 22nd of Oct, 4 nights before the event, I was busy working my way through the first of my nightshifts before the event when Heather MacLennan messaged whilst I was at breakfast asking if I could make use of a trailer training plus B+E test from HLM trailer training worth £425 in the auction!  Absolutely we could, what a fabulous prize so on I went to advertise it straight away.  Delighted! 

However, my night of surprises didn’t end there.  Ruaridh Ormiston messaged throughout the night to say he would donate a half day (2.5 hour) trail ride for up to 6 people around the stunning countryside he has on his doorstep at Highland Horse fun down in Kingussie and he would also offer a carriage driving experience for up to 5 adults or 6-8 children. Wow, I couldn’t believe my luck.  Off course I could use that for the auction so Ruaridh was going to email me the details and I would advertise once I got them.  So off I went home in the morning skipping away not believing our luck or indeed the generosity of folks

I took the dogs out when I got home and checked the horses only to come back in to receive a message from Sylvia Ormiston offering a tour to Balmoral Highland Pony Stud!  Was this really happening?  I couldn’t believe my luck.  WOW.  What an amazing prize and what an amazing night I have just had.  So, off I go to advertise the prize that Sylvia had said they had been bid £700 for in the past……… pressure then! 

I skip off to bed counting all my lucky stars and when I get up, my phone has so many notifications on it, I can’t quite believe it!  We already had bids and I was getting PMs saying, “I want that tour”.  We had a bid of £350, then £400, then £450 and then on my way back to work I got a message with a bid of £500.  Wow.  I responded saying yes, I will add your bid once I get to work as I had only stopped to get a coffee to kick start my night.  I got to work, and my phone pinged with a bid of an outstanding bid of £1050!  What a 24-hours!

Between the generosity of Heather, Ruaridh & Sylvia, who had donated to us all within the same night, we took in a fabulous £1845! 

A huge thank you to Heather, Ruaridh and Sylvia for all your support.  You are all fabulous and your generosity towards the cause is amazing and very much appreciated.  We wish Lindsay all the luck with her driving, I am sure she will be a pass first time.  Lynsey & Caroline I am sure will have a fantastic time out with the girls at Highland Horse Fun.  And to the 5 heading down to Balmoral to have a tour round the stunning ponies and grounds, we hope you have an amazing time, I know with Sylvia it will be an amazing tour.  Thank you all for your support.

124 tickets were sold for the evening and a great night was had by everyone who came along and supported the night.  A huge thank you to Mr & Mrs Powell for their continued support (they both hid from the camera), not forgetting Gar’s welsh banter.  I couldn’t do the evening without their help.  We made a total of £4375 on the evening between the auction, raffles & donations so thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen, what a result to finish our year off.

It was great seeing everyone all glammed up and lovely seeing everyone getting their trophies presented on the night.  All our trophies are in memory of a horse or pony lost to EGS or Laminitis (except for 2 who are in memory of people who have supported or fundraising efforts over the years).  Thank you to everyone who came out on the evening to support, you all looked amazing.

Ross-shire EGS & Laminitis Fun Show 2019

FUNdraising at it's best!

We had 130 entries this year, an increase of 44 from last year!  The Weather forecast didn't look good but the sun shone on us for most of the day with only 2 showers throughout.  The day was fun packed with show jumping for the kids including some speed from the jockey's too (Young Anna pictured to the left enjoyed her participation in the poles on the ground).  The pony club games was the highlight for me with the Adults having thrown themselves into the fundraising up front and the fun on the day (They raised £831 between them with £415 being won by one of Kaitlyn's supporters).

The judges & Stewards done us proud with the Kids being judged by Eilidh & Donna (Donna sadly lost her big lad Dylan to EGS) and they had great fun with the kids.  Margaret Nicol judged the youngstock, (Also having lost her young Bryn to EGS recently) and she went home howling her eyes out but feeling very satisfied that she had taken part in such a fun day whilst remembering all those lost.

The adults were judged by Sylvia Ormiston (Also a sufferer at the hands of EGS having lost both her breeding stallions last year) and Rhianna Gilmour who has been huge support over the past few years in our FUNdraising efforts.  Anita (Rhianna's Mum) had fab fun in with Sylvia and Morven had great fun in with Rhianna and learned loads.  Everyone went home tired but having enjoyed the day. 


A huge shout out to all those who supported throughout the day in volunteering, competing, judging, stewarding, providing food, helping set up etc, we couldn't run the event without you so your support is hugely appreciated. Also a huge shout out to all at Sheeppark for providing such a fab venue and to Ross-shire Riding club for supporting us again this year.   You can see some of the fun in both the video's page and also the Gallery's of Fun page on the top tab.

Well done to all our competitors for coming out and supporting us, there was some beautiful horses shown but also the smile's on everyone's faces made the day so worthwhile having had all the hard work behind the scenes to make it happen.

Laminitis & Weight Management

On the 13th of July 2019, we had 2 very knowledgeable ladies  up to talk to us about Laminitis and weight management.  Huge thank you to Dee & Tamzin but also to MKR Farriery & Conanvet who very kindly sponsored the event for us.

The evening made £780 for the Animal Health Trust to assist in further research.

We had Danica Pollard from the Animal Health Trust and  guest speaker Tamzin Furtado from Liverpool University, who talked about equine weight management.

Dee is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance department of the Animal Health Trust (AHT). She conducted her PhD at the AHT and has returned as a postdoc to continue with laminitis research. Dee’s PhD involved a web-based study which aimed to help horse owners reduce the impact of equine laminitis. Working in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College and funded by World Horse Welfare, the project took a closer look at management factors which may contribute to the development or recurrence of laminitis with a particular focus on risk factors previously identified in Dr Claire Wylie’s PhD – including factors such as rapid weight gain, new access to grass, increased time since anthelminthic treatment, feeding of supplements and transport. Dee has a keen interest in equine health and welfare and she has previously conducted research on the transmission of dwarfism in the Friesian horse as well as looking at how inherited disorders are managed in the breeding of European sports horses.

Tamzin is a researcher based at the University of Liverpool, where she has recently completed a PhD in the management of obesity in horses. Tamzin has a passion for equine welfare and behaviour, and has focused on finding ways to tailor weight management to the individual horse in order to maximise wellbeing; for example by placing emphasis on creating a positive equine environment with suitable enrichment. Tamzin also focuses on how to help people to change their behaviour in order to help their animals, by working alongside owners to assist them in finding individual solutions. Tamzin's work has been featured in numerous magazines and websites, and you can download the free Weight Management Guide here:




If you missed the evening and would like to catch up on some of what was discussed, you can watch the following video which covered most aspects.

Pawel's Cycle Challenge 2019

1 Man & his Bike

5 Countries

10 Days

1000 Miles



Pawel set off on the adventure of a lifetime on Friday June the 28th from his home in Inverness.  He met some work colleagues at the Culloden Moor Inn who had volunteered to cycle with him to Aviemore.  He said his goodbye's to his family and friends and the 5 of them set off on their travels.  In Aviemore, a coffee was had in a 20 minute rest before we waved Pav off on  his lone adventure as he headed to Perth on his own.

No Back up, No company, Just one man, his bike and a small bag, 2 phones and a big smile........he was off on the adventure of a lifetime that he had planned for months.

Day one was hot but the roads were good.  Day 2 was tough, he felt tired following but he made it and he had enjoyed the cycle.  Day 3, the cycle tracks were off road and he struggled for time before catching the ferry but again, he caught the ferry and could relax with a beer until he arrived in Amsterdam.

Day 4 he got off the ferry and enjoyed the cycle tracks......the flat cycle tracks and the stunning scenery of the Netherlands.  Day 5 took him out of the Netherlands and into Germany where he was met by a friend towards the end of the day who cycled the last 10 miles with him.  He stayed with the friend that night and the 2 of them enjoyed a rest the following day.  The only day of rest during the trip.  Day 7 he set off with his friend as company on the first leg of the journey, the 2nd leg it was back to talking to himself and the roads got steeper as he made his way into Germany's mountain range.  He made it though but had little signal in the area to share his pics with anyone.  Day 8 found him damaging his shoe and having to stop off on the 118 mile journey to buy new trainers!  He got them though and is comfortable again.  He completed the day having had a mixed journey - some gravel tracks which slow him down  but the last 10km was at least flat tarmac making his journey far easier for him.  Day 9, he set off looking forward to catching up with his friends after the days efforts as they were joining him at night (it was his birthday on Day 9 so they couldn't leave him on his own) & then on day 10, they were joining him on the last day's cycle for the day where he would arrive at his parents home in Poland having cycled an epic journey mainly on his own.  He has enjoyed some fabulous weather and on the whole is feeling good about the adventures he undertook. I am looking forward to hearing about the detour that had to be made on day 9 due to "wild animals".

Back home, his support team are gathering and donations are still coming in thick and fast for him.  At last count the overall total raised was just over £1200 which is a fantastic effort and one that Pawel should be hugely proud off.

I am amazed by this mans determination and drive but also very grateful to him for doing this for the EGSF.  There aren't many fundraisers as off the wall as this one and we are incredibly proud of Pav and very grateful to him for his efforts.

DSC_0473 (1).jpg

£1001.35 made for the EGSF at this years dog show with huge thanks to Sarah Milne and all the volunteers and judges on the day.

On the 17th of June 2019 we had our 4th annual dog show at Seaforth Riding Centre in Maryburgh.  We had 64 dogs entered which was 9 dogs less than last year so we were a bit panic struck with the lack of entries but with us having our own BBQ instead of using a burger Van, we were delighted to cover the costs as well as being able to donate £1001.35p to the Fund.  This brought our overall annual fundraising to over £4K and our efforts over the 5 years to over £35K.  We have since had another donation from Cari's fundraising totals which has taken us over the £36K mark.  A fantastic effort from everyone and one we should be very proud off.  THank you to all those who came along to compete, volunteer or just spectate, I think you will agree it was a fabulous day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

DSC_0455 (1).jpg
DSC_0100 (1).jpg
DSC_0010 (1).jpg
DSC_0013 (1).jpg
DSC_0566 (1).jpg

EGS Fun Companion Dog Show 2019


Darren's 2019 Etape 

On the 28th of April, Darren Morrison took on the Loch Ness Etape.  He completed this last year for us in 2hours 58 mins and hoped to knock off a few minutes from his time this year.  Darren with support from Peter Sinclair (his wingman), has done fab with the fundraising and with his work match funding him, it will add substantially to the pot.  He completed this year's cycle in 2 hours 55 mins and 27 seconds!  A fabulous effort from Darren and he proudly wore the sponsored top which advertised the EGSF as well as the 3 sponsors who made it possible for us to get him the top - The seashell, Harris - Bubblemack Travel - ShredXS.  Thank you to you all for your support.

This is the 2nd year that Darren has supported us and he raised £450 with work match funding it for him taking his total to £900.  His support is hugely appreciated.  Well done Darren and thank you.

Cari's Parachute Jump - April 2019

April saw us with Cari doing her parachute jump at St Andrews raising funds for both Cancer Research and the EGSF.  Cari thoroughly enjoyed her jump and even got to control the parachute on the way down where she enjoyed doing some 360s which left her almost being sick by the time she landed.  She surprised herself by not screaming and said the whole experience was fabulous.  Her next item on the bucket list is a bungee jump............IN THE DARK!

Cari  raised £420 for the EGSF.  A fab effort.  Hats off to Cari. 


EGS Info Evening with Prof. Bruce McGorum

We were fortunate enough on the 3rd of April to have Prof. Bruce McGorum join us for an information evening on EGS.  

Bruce graduated from the University of Edinburgh as BSc (Veterinary Pathology) in 1983 and BVM&S with Distinction in 1985. After working for three years in mixed veterinary practice in Buckinghamshire, he returned to Edinburgh as the Horse-race Betting Levy Board Resident in Equine Respiratory Diseases, under the guidance of Professor Padraic Dixon. He was awarded a PhD in equine chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 1992, and has continued in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences ever since. He was awarded the Animal Health Trust Veterinary Achievement Award in 2004.

He is currently Head of the Equine Section at the University of Edinburgh which provides specialist veterinary care for horses referred by practicing veterinarians throughout Scotland and Northern England. His research focuses on equine pulmonary disease and equine grass sickness. He teaches equine medicine to veterinary undergraduates and post-graduates.

We had a good turnout on the night despite the weather being against us (I didn't think Bruce was going to make it)!  We raised a total of £1571.25 on the night which was amazing and I think it is safe to say everyone went home with more knowledge on this vile disease than they came in with.  Huge thanks to Bruce to making it happen for us.  It was a fabulous night which was hugely informative for everyone and it also had a great raffle at the end of it. 

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