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On show day, we remember over 60 horses & ponies who have been lost to EGS or Laminitis.  We call the stories below our "impact stories" as they really do show that everyone can be affected by both EGS & Laminitis.  We celebrate very few having survived. 
You can read about all those who we remember below in their stories. I would recommend however, that you have plenty hankies available.
Some people ask why I put out the stories on show day when everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.  I do it so that we don't ever forget why we are all there having fun, it is also a huge educational tool.  Giving out both adults and kids as young as 3 or 4 a story about a pony lost to these vile diseases starts educating at a young age.  It makes people talk about the diseases and it helps people see that anyone can be affected.  EGS doesn't have a type and Laminitis doesn't only affect small fat ponies.
I have had feedback that through reading the "impact stories" from the show, that people have gone out and done research on the diseases.  If it helps just one owner take preventative measures and can help save just 1 horse or pony, then that is the reason I share the stories - so that we haven't all gone through the pain we have for nothing, our experiences can help others. 
Click below to read all the stories together.
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