Fundraising News 2021

2021 saw us enter the year under lockdown.........another difficult year for fundraising.  That didn't put us off and we kicked off with a new hair style.

Lockdown Hair Chop 2021

Lockdown Hair Chop

Well, I had wanted to shave my hair off for some time but kept getting told "Ill pay you to keep it" so it never happened.  Lockdown 2021 though saw me without being to a hair dressers in approximately a year so I set the challenge of chopping off my pony tail!  Hunter then challenged me to shave it off so I agreed if we could raise £1000 for the fund.  Oh my, how I regretted that wee nod when it came to the 10th of Feb.

Merv thought I might be a difficult old ewe in for shearing!

Well, the clippers had been charged, we had passed the £1000 mark and therefore there was nothing more to be done than to get the squinty bob shaved off!


Mal Likes the

new do!

The head shave raised a huge total of £2250 which work matched bringing our total to £4500.  That took our overall total for the start of our 7th year up to just £300 odd under the £60K mark.  When a local supporter heard how close we were, they added the £322 into the pot to take us to the £60,000 mark but she requested to stay un-named.  She knows who she is so thank you so much for that and also thank you so much to all who donated, supported and to Lifescan for matching it.  What a difference that money will make to research right now.